Humorous Live Photos


That’s how Ts1 is- just keep flying without violations and listen to atc and you’ll get to expert :)


He said to the certified TS1 noob


I saw someone at JFK in the evening two days ago doing weird stuff like going up and down and turning. It looked like a drunk pilot.


I’m sorry Josh xD


Question why he was taking off from the taxiway.


He wasn’t. He took off from the runway but the crosswinds pushed him onto the taxiway because didn’t use rudder.


TS1: stages of flight



It’s Yoda. Have trust in the force


Lol I would have said
You’re a wizard, DHL 🤣


welcome to ts1 kai tak. there was a reason why they shut the airport down in real life… xD


Can I just note that he also heals cactus 1549 and yet not even US Airways.


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I played it on the casual server.


Oh, sorry. I was wrong. I withdrew the post and I usually get solo and casual server mixed up most of the time. I’ll double check my photos next time I post them. I’m really sorry. 😬


Ts1… You will find Emirates planes with FlyBe callsigns…


But Emirates has a codeshare agreement with FlyBe


But you dont find Erjs with the Emirates livery


At least it’s better then seeing people constantly use “Airline 1 Heavy”.


I think that was me in the Virgin Livery