Humorous Live Photos


Happy Halloween IFC 😂😜 #Photoshop #Halloweenedition


The first plane built using common core math


It’s not every day* that you come face to face with Air Force One charging headlong down a runway towards you, I narrowly avoided taking a piece of the tail with me as a souvenir. Only once I’d cleared the runway and looked back to see an A380, climbing steeply out of a maximum-performance takeoff from a taxiway, did I truly begin to understand what I was up against.

*it’s every other day on TS1.


The scene at SXM


The mad headwinds. That’s why



Surviving Heathrow Airport, easier said than done.




Heathrow… We’re now changing…



I am at Heathrow, we have switched to Unicom.

And I am afraid.


IF Rush hour?

XD wow…


aww cmon, dont you think thats a little unfair XD


The air traffic controllers at Heathrow Airport sit in their tower worshiping Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos.


It is alive…


This is sort of late but those synchronised 737s off balance on the runway (in picture #3) are hilarious 😂


Only in casual 😁



I wish I could go on to the expert server…


Nah, I’m just messing with you😂. But serious now, keep flying and landing and you’ll be able to get to Grade 3. It’s easier than ever because you can do longer flights to get to that level faster.


Thanks😀 Ya I couldn’t take off because of them


I believe TS1 speaks for itself. I was unable to get a screenshot when they went right through me, so I got this…