Humorous Live Photos


In that screenshot I can see 2 devs and a mod


That poor guy all the way alone from everybody else. They probably just don’t like people.
One of the 2 devs is Laura probably in the md11 as the aircraft is unknown. But I could be wrong


@Daniel14 I think that’s him… his profile says he’s from Uruguay…

Try a flight between the Americas, you may see other players, or try heading to Europe (if fuel allows, which it most definitely should)


No I purposefully did this flight and I was making fun of myself that everyone else is in clusters and then Im the one oddball out.


I am not from Uruguay


@USA007 is in Uruguay.


Oh ok j was wondering


For the time being ;)


When you try overtaking in a 737


Told you A380s would come to VNLK. Had to head on TS1 to gain a landing for Grade 3. Can’t believe I’ve only landed four times in the last three months.😬


Insert jaws music here


It would be funnier if the 747 was the one chasing the E-175!


Well yeah you got a point


just ridiculous.


TS1- lol- I had an overnight flight that brought me down to TS1 because I didn’t monitor my speed- let me tell you the word ridiculous is correct


One funny experience, coming to your phone to find your plane stalled, and crashed. Oh, and do you think I forget about the violation I got


I’ve been trying to teach my friend from school who also plays Infinite Flight @benjikoo03 and this happened😂


I’m sure the violation wasn’t pleasant- it happens though- it stinks but what can you do :)


And for once expert surpasses TS1


Shall we rejoice for this moment! This is unheard of and a miracle!