Humorous Live Photos


You’re angry because you can fly anywhere in world with satellite imagery and witness beautiful sunsets from 34,000 feet. That’s my guess.


Headwind, he is trying to fly in a insane head wind. I myself would try to climb or descend


World’s highest crash (50’000ft)


The new Bombardier 737-Q400


What how did you do that


Send that in to infinite flight records XD


ah I think I get it!


With a strange paintjob I might add…


Look at the vs.
You might think that it was like that for a second or two, but no.
My aircraft was just floating there…


May I ask how you got into LOWER ORBIT?


what the heck, I wonder why that happened XD
Edit: You seriously could actually be orbiting the earth


I’ve done the Space Shuttle mission on XPlane, and at that altitude I was still kinda orbiting Earth, so yeah


Yesterday I crashed into Mount Everest in a f/a 18 at 800 knots, it was deliberate and it was on casual server so don’t freak out. But I pierced the ground and could see the IF under world, it was very deep and black, but after looking at it for 20 seconds the mountain spat me out at 400 knots! I have a photo but I can’t upload because I am using my phone.


My lord that headwind 😂


Oh my gosh that is funny, It surprising the physics actually work. Apparently this game is now a spaceflight simulator to.


Well… It could be that to, thinking about it


You can upload using your phone…


What we got here?

And good on them (not) for spawning on me, even with the new airport gate map.


the position of the sun…


There is no upload button for some reason now. Have a look.