Humorous Live Photos


I had less then a second to react so the answer is no.


Taking a screenshot takes 2-3, seconds minimum, you also would have probably seen them on your map. Instead of taking a screenshot it would have been sensible to go into an emergency descent to avoid them 🙂


I wasn’t looking at it (my fault)

I couldn’t see him (in the cockpit view) because he was to my right (he was looking directly at me).


Mate it wasn’t his fault. Happens to me all the time. Even on expert. It’s not like they will collide and smash into a million pieces.😂


I see it too much when doing ATC, some idiots are flying at the same altitude too close cause the person turned base even though I told them I would Call their base. They collide when they had seconds to desend. I can do nothing but watch their altitude and hope one of them climbs.



at TNCM it’s needed


Well, this isn’t gonna end well. TS1 at San Diego what do you expect.


We watch as the A-380 stalks its prey… patience to the B737, it must waits turn for a meal.


The best picture on the thread!


Siblings… Am I right


It’s sad day when Expert server behavior is put up on this thread. 1 guy would not create spacing for the other already on final so just zoomed in the the right of him and another wasnt following inbound patterns.


This is what happens when I do stunts :)


ATC had a blond moment and Cleared someone to land on 13R and Cleared me for TO on 31L. This is when I wish I could say Unable or No with a reason.


Just send “disregard last message.” to the Tower, and wait until the aircraft has exited the runway, and then resend your takeoff request.


Ah ok. Thank you for letting me know.


Similar thing happened to me on expert earlier today. I taxi to runway 04 and request to change to tower but for some reason ATC keeps telling me to taxi to runway 04.


Sir, he keeps giving you a taxi instruction cos on the taxi message it says NXXXXX, taxi to runway 04,contact tower when ready, no need to request frequency change…


I want to know wth was that Grade 4 thinking on that landing… my god, he stills being Grade 1


Were you that guy that was flying next to me. (SUPER CUB!!!)


Ahahahaha that’s fantastic 😂