Humorous Live Photos


Just to make things clear no one even cared that we where there and at the time there was only three people at San Clemente airport. And I do know that it was meant to be as realistic as possible. Hey to stir you up I’ll do it in expert server. Did you really have to make a point about my post. This topic is called 'Humorous LIVE Photos.


And then calm you it’s just a review


Thats generally how Ryanair flies!:)


Thanks guys for the 0 encouragement. I posted a picture and you had to put me down Because you are better at a computer game than me. What a sad life you have. I am not going on this topic again.


Dude, you got 4 likes, one person is making fun of you for minding your own business. I don’t recommend doing it on expert though. It is at KNUC, not like anybody else there knows everything about IF.


Sorry but I do not understand what you’re trying to say


When you spot in casual and I think this two needs to get a room. 😂😂


Very funny what you say


my little brother trying to taxi :P


Casual server is for messing around. DO NOT mess around on the training server, it is intended for realistic flights as well


Tell that to a SoCal Pilot.


TS1 everybody
Thank the lord there is Expert server


Just a normal day on Ts1…😂


I believe the question marks are from foreign writing.


Thank lord there is a tutorial on how to hold short properly.



I approve you for pushback, and you pushback all the way to the runway… you gonna take off backwards too?


Ryanair says, This is our soft landing. You probably wouldn’t want to experience the hardest one.


LoL 😂! A Lockheed-Airbus C-318 JetProp Hercules! A really good plane.


What app is that? Is it a website?