Humorous Live Photos


Looks like an inverted entry into a hammerhead to me… 🙂


This guy doing a kamikaze at EGBB rwy 33… on Expert server.


Song is stuck in my head again.


Don’t hurt me, noo mooorrreee!


WHAT IS LOVE!!!??? Baby don’t hurt me


I got intercepted by a fighter jet. RIP me?


Maybe you flown into restricted airspace? Or maybe it’s just a random guy trying to escort a passenger plane for no obvious reason… (Should note that this kind of things are everyday stuff in TS1)

Don’t take the restricted airspace thing seriously. There is no such thing as a restricted airspace in Infinite Flight.


An Ana Q400 going vertical.


The VC-25 is Is Taxing through the grass and that KLM 737-7 landed before the Threshold. Normal TS1 for ya.


I’m about to witness the worst Aviation Accident in history.


Before seeing the airport name I already knew it would be KSAN…


My Cousin and I decided to do some 4x4 driving in a plane off of San Clemente Island. Not quite sure how plane 4x4 driving works but I think we did pretty good


TS1 noobs everyone on this forum doesn’t like. At least do it on Casual.


Hey I’m grade 4 mate and what are you? And it was on training server, does that mater. We weren’t trolling any one. And grade 4 is not a noob.


I honestly don’t care about your grade but doing that on a Server that is supposed to be as Realistic as possible I find a problem.


While I was on holiday in Malta, I came across a toy plane called a airbus 757


He always does that and streams it on YouTube


I don’t know why I keep seeing that person in expert


RIP that 172 probably getting blasted by that F-22


I think the developers have to create a new server for noobs to evaluate their skills before they enter into expert server.