Humorous Live Photos


More violations than landings (nearly double), seems legit! Speed up Tom, get out of dodge!


Stupid noob on TS1 nose wheel stuck in ground




Two 747 Crashes on SoCal TS1 in the same day! Someone’s handing out licences which they shouldn’t.


No go araund. No 360
Tower not accept my Cessna 172
To land 😩


The winner of humorous photos 👍


Has this pilot heard of a go around?
(I originally was just taking picture of my plane and when I looked later I couldn’t help but Laugh)


I don’t even dare venture near the boundary even in solo


Jumps on Casual server for some fighter action and escort random people… and sees a C-17 chilling on the water!


Had a similar sighting in what appears to be the near the spot at SFO. Didn’t know I was also going to be harbor master when on Tower


If you ask why I post so frequently on this topic it’s because I’m a TS1 pilot and can’t get on the expert server


10/10 doctors say TS1 is bad for your health /s


Cactus 503 are you a hovercraft?


Guys I know some people on TS1 can be weird, and annoying but insulting them is crossing the line.


he is just preparing for a water landing…


Or missed the water and hit the taxiway.



Please don’t send duplicate messages.
Courtesy of my time as ATC on TS1


At KLAX TS1, one may find the average pilot, doing his beautiful cras-landing.
I know that TS1 is for learning pilots but this is just dumb.


What’s wrong with the second pictures?


He is doing some really dumb things, even if he is a grade 1. I hope he learns to be a good pilot.