Humorous Live Photos


SoCal, SoCal, SoCal. Did anyone else notice the two other aircraft that have just taken off? Never before seen!


The plane actually had landed while i was taking off. I was laughing so hard when the gear failed XD


All of these photos have made me laugh so much, great thinking everyone!


Taking off, hmmmmm. Cough, you don’t have to hit Mach Schnell before rotating. 199kts is a bit much bud. Watch some of the awesome tutorials located in the Tutorials Section of the Forum. Here’s a link for the 787 provided below. Safe travels


Well I like to use up the whole runway. To make it more releastic


That’s fine, just wanted to enlighten you and prepare you for the expert server once you are qualified.


You would think a grade 3 @AndrewRG10 would be better at landing XD


The real question is, was it skill or was it a bad landing.

I’m going with it was a bad landing cuz it was casual server. ;p


Yeeeeahhhhh… Surrrre


A calmful day pattern work turns to two chaotic accidents when @Dennis_preuss forgets to deploy the landing gear

And a terrible collision with the same person collides with @Khan_Jan

@Dennis_preuss caused them all :(


That creepy moment at the expert server when IFATC goes offline😐


That is the time that Expert server goes into “Do anything you want” mode


Yeah. It becomes worse than SoCal at its peak.


You could share that here next time:


This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, all the other planes at the gate normally, and you, just there, being like “I think Ima just, um, sit down here!”


Fat Cessna staring @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler and I.


Toga in a 208!!! 😂😂😂




@Tom_Grollman looks like you got a fanboy


he has a few more violations then i do