Humorous Live Photos


FDS has a blimp? Cool!


must of been a Ryanair 😂😂


I was close to a mid-air collision. Because I didn’t pay attention to it and I was in the bathroom.


A spirit aircraft decided that the terminal at SFW needed remodeling (on expert)


this is not apart of our squadron training lol




Should be more like pray pray pray


Plane modifications lol 😂…


So… I may or may not have landed without landing gear… for the first time… accidentally…So… I may or may not have landed without landing gear… for the first time… accidentally…
The amazing thing is, I put down my landing gear, (went into the ground, of course) and managed to taxi to the gate.
This is the funniest and most embarrassing moment of my Infinite Flight life. 😂 I even remembered to put down flaps and spoilers. Just not gear. And I had NEVER forgot this before. And suddenly, when I’ve been playing for 8 months, this happens. I was flying with a group on Discord, and apparently they even called gear.


TS1 madness, all wanting to takeoff lol


And that’s why you should do a landing checklist 🙄


I have remembered every single time to put down spoilers, flaps, and gear 5 Nm from the airport. I don’t need a checklist for that. And I do occasionally use a checklist. For some reason, just this one time, I forgot. And it’s kinda hard for me to use a checklist if I need to use split-view for a second.


I just remember it, no need for split view.


Same with me. I remember it as well.


Hence the reasoning for a good ole checklist. Anything can happen and to be able to revert to a hard copy at a moments notice is the whole basis of having these documents within arms reach. Safe flying


Ya yesterday. Only at KNUC can you feel like your in a shuttle

not only am I and IF fan but I like NASCAR too. I call these next two. Drafting




Why do people horgwt to put down there landing gear


When the landing gear fails


You should’ve gone around…