Humorous Live Photos


If that was a roller coaster I would ride that any day!


Wow, if SoCal was vectoring you, for sure you were moved around like a chess pawn


(Higher resolution below this pic)

There is in fact an upside down A380. I didn’t know they had the ability to be on the ground upside down.
(Higher resolution)


If he’s running from terrorists, I wouldn’t fly in that if I were you :)


(Might be just a TINY bit too slow…)


May be a bit off topic - but when looking at the photos from SeatGuru of the BA A380 this photo of Infinite Flight comes up😂😂😂


That was @Fynn lol. I was on Discord with him at the time. I was in a US Airways express E175.


Make IF Great again! 😂🤣🤣🤣


I believe I have seen the user around for a while at Training Server 😉


I dont know how


I’m laughing my head off


Glitches the best and worse thing in IF


That was me you gave me an air show I give you wonder


@Daniel_Cerritos should I help you up?

CONTEXT: 175 knot winds at KTOA in socal right now.


Is that you @Liam_Williams? I need a tow truck…


we’re gonna need a bigger plane…


When you return to the game after using the bathroom…

One day you won’t be lucky… that’s why safety is priority


I don’t really find this funny, I don’t get it. I see your auto throttle is disabled but besides that I don’t quite understand.


Think he might be taking about the 747 under him diving to the ground