Humorous Live Photos


That’s gonna work. 🙄


It actually did 😂😂 wasn’t expecting it to


Does anyone notice the huge 23 in the middle of the runway


That’s the runway number


Dude did you use LTOW?


No the 23 is like HUGE live going off the runway huge


Correct, but it’s still the runway number



@HEYEY I thought that was a photoshop, but it actually isn’t😂😂 I hope people wanting to visit San Clemente don’t take that seriously… it could be perceived to be real.


This was in one of reviews for KNUC. Local Guide 😑


Someone has to change that photo… Put one of 100 planes either waiting to takeoff (Not in a line but a group) or 10 planes landing at once… xD


Tenerife all over again.


I recommend you “suggest an edit” to that page. I have just done so.


Delta creepin on my takeoff


Fellow VA member slamming into 24r


This is why you don’t fly SoCal TS1


You can fly there but just avoid air traffic control and stay away from other planes. For example ONLY depart from airports with other people, never arrive into one. So you can depart from San Diego and land in Burbank. Or fly from LAX to Tijuana. Rule of thumb


Yup, SAN to/from PSP is usually not bad either way. obviously both can get crazy


Yeah but you have to climb to 7000ft quickly and then decent to 3000 to get into the ils.


This isnt very funny but this is because of all noobs. Another Day at TS1