Humorous Live Photos


Go to settings press general then "airport names"


Pay attention as the mother guards her child by shielding him with her wing🤠


Uh oh here I come
Flight Training 101 with @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler


Does this count? (Click)



I don't understand what is so funny about those pics.


Wow, how fun was that?


Actually i agree these arent funny. Idk why i posted that


TS 1 on final to KMIA but some how I'm in Sarasota airspace.

at the same time he shows up.


Incredibly strong winds in the Caribbean


This happened earlier on Expert, which is why I found it kind of funny. While spotting at TNCM, an A320 (Air France 49) had to go around, except they stalled out.


it's to perfect it is not funny


That's an A320, because it has sharklets.


that is an a321 what are you trying to do


sorry my bad it isn't


We don't have an Air France A321.


I looked on airfleets I think it is a 737ng


I have confirmed B737-500


they had some not sure if it is in if though


Yeah, thanks. My bad, should've looked closer.