Humorous Live Photos


Some TS1 Chicago “nose to tail like puppies that just met!” 🌭🏆🙈✌️


Can we just talk about the united plane that’s running over that other plane😂😂😂


I was the guy behind the United 737, it was actually the Aer Lingus who cut huge line and taxied through about 6 people. Wasn’t fun at all 😑


Lmao I kinda wish yu could text ppl in game to telll them off😂😂😂 it makes me mad when someone intentionally taxis through me when I’m sitting peacefully at my gate


that would get full of explicit words very fast


Here is a VERY good example this guy just came up slid right through me and stopped right there


Maybe he wanted to create a new aircraft 🤣


Omgggg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he’s too small😉


Somebody is going to get an XP reset


God, that is bad for them!


Worse for the poor server! I can only imagine the horrors it’s software has to deal with.


Wait, why poor server?


Leaving the regions causes software issues in the server (for the non global testers).


Really? That’s wierd I do it all the time but I don’t go far I just fly like right outside the region


The future of flying


What do you mean lmao


Both Jet Airlines unite!


the plane has no wheels, gravity!!!


ohhhhhhh you were replying to my other pic lmao


Quick question, I’ve seen images of runways with the little line and runway number, but I don’t have that. Is there a way to get it to come up?