Humorous Live Photos


You never know some people may accidentally press unable, I did the same thing as this guy once but sent disregard last message


That first pic looks like the Decathlon is saying “can I join in?” 🤣


The president and his escorts arriving😂


haha, that’s me and my bros. great pic!


meanwhile in ts1


It seems that he was trying to land on the taxiway 😂


actually he was doing touch&goes


I’d crack up if I saw this going on in game.

Had a jet come up behind me as I was heading into Kuala Lumpur. Got close enough to attach to the wing and right as I was going to screen shot nose dived below me. Was good times, and hard not to laugh while at the office


Maybe Ford was flying ;)


Seems to me that your “space” mission failed. Interesting decision to land in the pacific ocean right after you take off. Typical TS1 pilot!


We’ll I was controlling approach at KLAX in ts1 and all the sudden this guy just slams into the runway


Looks like Space X just had a successful mission from mars Elon Musk must be very proud ;)


seems like both found a nice target on the runway and decided to go kamikaze


I know it’s only of a map, but this was with active ATC giving simultaneous takeoff and landing clearances to all comers for both directions:


Yeah sorry, I forgot to disarm them because I had just landed and was focused on the line of aircraft in front of me XD


It’s a 7387-10


Well, I can see that but why were they armed in he first place?


He “musk” be very proud! Audience: “Boooooooooooooooooo!!!”


Standard TS1 at KSAN wanting to use the close runway and doing it waaaayyyy too quickly!


Here you will see the brand newwww 787-128737288 floating jet