Humorous Live Photos


So you are outta here with “flight spoilers on” while taking off? This is a humorous topic not the I don’t know what I’m doing topic!


Actualy looks like it could fly, nice plane!😂


The super d hates me.


I’m first… NO, IM FIRST!

Here we see an A318 giving birth to a cessna 172.




Good Ole Training Server Fun-

Ground/Tower (Me): N527KT taxi to Runway 02C.

Negative Tower N527KT:
taking off from from Runway Wherever I Feel Like. Peace out ✌️😎


IiiI’m Going to the MoON!!1!1





1st picture “Hey taking off here” 2nd picture Hello get out of the way I am taking off you don’t want to get hit by jetblast


Just a casual afternoon once I stumble a A380 inverted


you cannot go anywhere on SoCal ts1 without having someone fly/ spawn in you…


Managed to take off ina 747 from there hahah


Hey Man, you ok?




I have no idea


LiveFlight makes it looks worse. LiveFlight doesn’t have an exact position and heading of the aircraft on the ground.

But yea, every airport in TS1 is like messy


@Thunderbolt_78 You were taking off with spoilers out?


Humorous Live Photos
I asked as well but no response from thunderbolt.


Yeah, I bet he doesn’t care


If you can read my registration, get off my %$*!