Humorous Live Photos


This is for live, not for something in solo you found.

Back on topic please


We are going in the Jordan


This can’t end well

This guy had so many escorts

Escorted a random KLM 747 in TS1 for 15m. It all went well. No collisions


welcome to KNUC on a calm day…


You may think this is a typical TS1 pic, but two keywords are here:
Expert and server. Unacceptable.


Report them. I was flying into KASE on Unicom and used the report button far more than I want to; people misunderstanding commands are unfortunate but people straight-up ignoring them in unacceptable


I mean, what do you expect? Eh?

I always lower my expectations when going on TS1.


The while point is that I was on Expert…


Oh goodness me…I wouldn’t expect that.


The guy who had so many escorts is Infinite Guy on YouTube and he was doing a livestream for memorial day on YouTube and all of us joined him in flying.



This isn’t Infinite Flight but close enough

TS1 Pilots be like:


almost had to do a go around with him
but definitely had to do a go around cause of him ts1 for ya tho


Ready for take off 🙉



Much like that but even worse


This guy was on final and had just been on his side.

Got run over…

“Look! A plane is taking off from the terminal mummy!” Mum- “I don’t think that is supposed to happen…” TS1 noob!


…Does he even generate lift bro???


Don’t mind me, just scribbling in the San Fran area.
This is a pic of a F18 drill I did yesterday.



Looks like someone will be getting a week long holiday from the Expert server.