Humorous Live Photos


Oh. He’s literally on the ground and was doing like 30 knots.


Hover plane

formation landing. Ur doing it rong!

This guy smashed his gear and rumbled off the runway

Qantas/ SAS merger!

Reverse Thrust on the taxiway!

Wrong Callsign buddy!

Dogfighting in Cessnas

Formation flying back to the carrier

Click for better resolution

Formation flying with @Aussie_Wombat and @Fynn

I also want this to become a popular thread again

Thank you, Cockatoo.


But that was full throttle (not allowed IRL) low weight and you wouldn’t have been able to stop incasr of an engine failure which is why they’re long


Where’s that? I must know


Beverjik hospital in Ansterdam


7, to correct you "thumbs up"


If you exit the app sometimes by the time you reenter all current planes have no gear.


This is why I tried to divert you… a380 at MMTJ isn’t a good idea


It has got a long enough runway for it.


Not when he’s landung at 240 knots after a 9 degree glideslope landing halfway down the runway


legit wake turbulence confirmed for Global


There’s a dead F14 on runway 24.


Attention all aircraft , there is a plane approaching with a bomb onboard and the pilots are saying that when it touchdowns it will explode …


that looks like a 797 photoshop


no that’s his APU its a GIRL!


Fantastic crew:
captain: Jesus
first officier: Chesley Sullenberger


It’s a hospital helicopter pad in the Amsterdam region I believe. I had to look it up. I can’t remember the name but on the list it says it’s a hospital


I always found it interesting how there’s a “moon” reflection on aircraft. But for those that may have attempted to fly at night, you will notice that there is no moon, and there is no “dimmed” sun. 😂 Always found it interesting. Moon reflection is just over the last few windows.


Yup. Been looking for months now and no moon. Maybe it’s a Death Star


amen bro, amen. that would be awesome