Humorous Live Photos


I wouldn't say that this picture is humorous to the nearest degree, but rather a problem that I see more frequently on the Expert server. Keywords: Expert Server. This isn't the place to be pulling moves like the guy pictured here. I guarantee you are getting a report from me for every aircraft that I see doing this. I'm sorry it sounds harsh, but it gets annoying and frustrating.


Seen this happen many times on the Expert Server before. It's so annoying!!


I have just been scared lol.🀣🀣🀣😡😡🀣😡🀣


I'm so confused.


When someone tries to land a a380 on the GA runway at KSNA


I don't want to make fun of people's names, but this made me laugh so hard

Click for better resolution.


LoL! How has someone managed to get this without his/her device going Kaboom

#292 The first few minutes explains TS1 Pilots with Free planes versus someone with Live+ bragging about there "free regions" and planes. PS: I know this isn't a photo...


Well, today I toured KNUC TS1 in my SuperD. Callsign: MDOVODC
Username: KNUC Sky Patrol
Saw some peanuts during my fifteen minute shift.

This guy wasn't off the runway before that dude took off

Look at that fighter.

Stop going through planes, SAS!

Finally, a plane that can actually find a place to hold his spot in line.

Same fighter as before.

American 10! Stop! You're gonnaβ€”

{pure silence}β€” Go through two planes.

Same fighter.


Grab the popcorn when you go to SoCal(TS1). You will see wonders


Lol so true, that's why I stalked TS1 with maxmustang's SuperD. I actually did it so I could imitate a Bad Drivers episode criticism level. {aka how critical I was with the peanuts on TS1.}


I wonder how....?


There's always that one crazy 🀑


At least he's overtaking fairly, and hopefully without going over the speed limit. A real peanut woulda sneaked on the runway there and took off.


No. I was pointing out the grass taxiing. Not overtaking.


When a random guy comes up to you in the same plane as you...


When you are still in TS1..


I've never seen a pink blob on TS1 before!


He had an inappropriate callsign so I covered it up


This is my meme.... I made it myself