Humorous Live Photos


I understand that this isn't really Infinite flight, but it really relates to it 😂
(I wasn't sure where to put this)

Training server pilots!


At least someone was doing the right thing (Qantas 👍)


That's the weirdest combination I've ever seen! Good catch.


And the Northwest too


They were a bit close to the Lufthansa.


BA and SAS holding wings at KPDX. So cute


meanwhile at TS1...


The all new Boebus 7380320340


That's a


of engines!

6 on each wing!


Okay, that made me laugh so hard.


What a short name:

Click for better resolution


Happy mothers day 😊


Wow, how cute! Love your work.


Maybe a system error?


Apparently we've got a new ATC command:


I wish everyone was this nice

I really hope no one gives this guy his PPL


I was the Lufthansa. Here is what happened.

I wanted to do a short flight with no delays. And the northwest was coming so I raced from my apron to the runway but I over shot onto the runway and pushed back then saw the qantas 787 landing and took a picture


@grxninesix I hope these pictures are from the training server:-)


That happens to me too


kinda reminded me of "Soul Plane" lol