How To Pick The Right Gate Using LiveFlight (For Horizon Subscribers Only)


Hello IFC!

Today, I’m here to talk about something that I see pretty much everyday, and how you as a pilot, can fix that! So lets get started.

Usually, when I spawn into an Airport… Well, I see this:

As you can see, (In the first picture) that plane is too small for that parking spot, and in picture 2, that plane is too big for that spot. This is something that can be fixed easily using the good old LiveFlight App! All you have to do is the following!

1. Pick your aircraft. Straight forward, I won’t go into detail with that.

2. Find out the wingspan of your aircraft. This is easy!

Head on over the the internet and go to your search bar and search the wingspan of your aircraft. I will be using the 737 as my example.


You will then get your answer:

3. Go to LiveFlight and pick your Airport!

Search your airport, hit “Airport Chart” and find the right gate for you!

As you can see, this gate it too big for us. Lets keep looking!

Well take a look here. We found the perfect gate! I think I’ll spawn here.

4. Take your plane up up, and away!

Go ahead and spawn in at your gate you’ve found and have fun!

Thanks for taking the time to have a look and I hope this helped some of you!

Happy flying!


Or you could just google what gates the airline operates at that specific airport. 🤷🏼‍♂️


That’s what I do. 👆👆 14 times easier, and saves time.


Pretty cool! I’ve never realized that LiveFlight displays wingspan according to each gate. I’ll have to try this for my next flight. Very nice & informative topic! 👍🏻


I believe this feature is only available for Horizon subscribers. So ordinary users (non-subscribers) won’t have an access to that feature unfortunately. It would be better if this information can be added on the original poster

(This window will appear for non-subscribers)

However if you want to look up for another solution, you can use @Delta_Alpha_Lima 's solution


This works too


Well, not everyone has LF horizon…


very nice trick there @CR3W, but unfortunately it will require horizon.
I usually use @DiamondGaming4 way by looking through flightaware, but the problem is, most of the times, the gate numbers didn’t exist in IF’s airport :)

so really, this spawning thing for me has always been a guessing games (by the distance between gates dots), except on a big airports where these dots distance visible obviously.

not to mention also when I’m about to locate the gate to park after landing :))


I usually use Flightaware. But if the name of a specific gate doesn’t exist in IF, I go to Flightradar, track the flight back and zoom to the starting point. Then you have the gate you are looking for.


Or you could use my FREE site

Select the country then select the airport and view the spawns. I have them classified by wingspan (See aircraft listing)


Great work, How to Zoom in the Airport ? (Use Firefox 58.2) e. g. LEMD ?


This is what I do, however it doesn’t always show the gate, sometimes only the terminal at which the aircraft was on stand at or sometimes it doesn’t show at all.


I appreciate the work you put into creating this post and the work the LiveFlight team into the app, never knew this was a thing.

OP might not have known it was for Horizon subscibers only but if you can help one person then you accomplished something.


Don’t you need to be TL3 or higher to post in #tutorials?

This topic is a tutorial.

Anyways, it’s easier to find out which gate an airline operates from at an airport by going on FlightAware. It’s free and you don’t need an account. Find out which gate the airline operates from and you can spawn in that same gate in Infinite Flight. If you know the airport well, you can also spawn in the general area of the airline as well. Me, I know KSJC really well since it is my home airport. Sometimes, I operate with Southwest Airlines to/from KSJC. I see that a Southwest flight operates from Gate 24. I also know that Gate 24 isn’t the only Southwest gate. Therefore, I can spawn in Gates ranging from Gate 21-25.


This is a tutorial, but it’s still allowed ;)

How to takeoff in 0 feet - a “tutorial” by Pie


At what point is a topic supposed to be in #tutorials


What about FedEx gate assignments? Any suggestions?


All of it? 🤷‍♂️ He tells you step by step how to lift off in 0 feet. Therefore, being a tutorial.


Whoops, didn’t mean to put “the topic.” I meant “a topic.”


That’s great CR3W. Thanks for putting time into this. It will help me in the future :)