How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


If you thought that was old, I was 39 when I discovered the app on 2013!


when i was 11 i first discovered IF and its epic


I started playing earlier this year when I was 15. Now I am 16 :)


When just passing the RWY05 threhold in 2015…🛬😉🛫


I was 9 now I’m 14 and the game has come far I remember when the only thing u see on the bottom of your screen was the yoke and also remember when the interface was different


That’s all right then.


I’m just waiting for someone to reply with a message saying that they are so old that when they were a kid the only “simulator” they had was a flip book of a plane landing…


Haha! I dont even think "flipbook"s of planes were a real ladies attracter before the release of IF :)


I first discovered IF like 5 years ago!


Exactly the same for me! I was 8 and now I’m 13 (three months from 14)


Wow! Nice to see some “veterans” here! Thanks for sharing


Well the only simulator we had when I was a kid was… wait, we had simulators of aviation? Not in the late 1970s at least…


I think I was like 9 or 10, it was when I was in a hotel and my parents gave me an itunes card and I bought IF


I’m not so sure flight simulators are a real ladies attracter…
I can imagine it now:
”hey there girl, I’m IFATC certified, Grade 5 AND a regular, wanna go to my place?


I remember the Release of Live, How long ago was that? No clue…

  1. Will be 80 next year. Grade 4.


Your seriously kidding right!


When I discovered IF, it was November 2014 and I was 10. Now after 3 years, I’m 13 and a grade 3. Proud to be dedicated!


Nope. It’s a great way for older folks to keep mentally sharp.


I joined in 2013 when I was 14. I remember the days before Live and when the 747 only had 1 livery! I’m now 18 and made Grade 4 today!