How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


What year is it now?
I forgot when i was born?
Mom? ,Dad?
Waht is Infinite Flight¿


I was 11 or 12 in 13-14, I was rocking a windows phone lol, now I’m 15 and rocking a OnePlus 5T


I was 11 and I was the same 3 months before Live came out


I was 13! Just this may


I was probably 8 when it released in 2012 and first tried it. I got kinda confused. Now i’m like 13 and it’s a very cool sim :D


I just found IF around 4 months ago, and still 7 months again to my next birthday again so now I’m 34 :)


Wow young! That’s awesome


You are one of the older ones to discover the game! Thats quite unique to see :)


I remember I was 13 or 14 some 3 or 4 years ago, I was surprised with the graphics of that time, and now I just remember how was the old version


You are the same age and live in the same place as me 😂😂😂


Started playing in December 2012 when I was 8 and now I’m 13.


2013 for me at the grand old age of 9. Also on your main post you said you started in 2011. If this is true none of the planes existed at that time so how? (well according to the app they didn’t)


No way! lol what a coincidence! Thanks for sharing


My, bad, I meant to say found out about the app (I was into aviation ALOT during that time) and I found the game in VERY Early development


Started playing in 2015 joined live in 2016. I was 13 when i started playing.


i started 4 years ago


Looks like I do, hahaha…
I love aviation since I was a kid but it was just cross my mind to seek a flight sim I can play mobile. I never thought it has a tremendous simulator like this one. :)


I remember first playing when this was around:


Lol, its great to remember the old liveries and water graphics,


June 2017. 12 years old and I don’t plan on stopping the infinite flight playing anytime soon.