How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


Wow! You are one of the older ones here! Glad to see adults even, playing IF :)


Mid-2015 when I was 11. I am 14 (2 months left).

#84 Above is my first simulator…not! I started IF earlier this year when I was between 0 and 1000 years old after previously using X-Plane Mobile (worse in the fact of limited flying areas and no ATC, but the cockpits are almost fully functional and the physics feel more realistic with the same flight model as X-Plane 11) but I haven’t used IF much until global came out, in which I got a subscription to global.


I believe I was 13 when I discovered IF. That discovery was a life saver.


i started when i was 59 llmao


2014 the day I turned 3


So you are now 6? Isn’t that a little young? 🤔

I’m guessing you meant 30 or 13.


Started flying at 11


Yes, I think so, lol


Or maybe I was jokin


I started when I was 10 years old.
Sooo… 5 years of Infinite Flight-ing😀


I was 39 years old and it was back in 2014 :-)


Woah, I was like 12/11? Damn that was long ago…

I guess it probably around 2014


This was my first flight simulator too!


I discovered IF back in 2015. I was 25. I’m an aircraft maintenance technician and have always had an interest in how and Aircraft work!


Late 2013 when I was 11


Wow! Its great to see you playing the game at such a age!


March 2014, I was 11. Now I’m 15


I started at the time when the Space shuttle was still in the game, as was the Boeing 747 missions and that recorded ATC talking and saying the same things over and over again. Oh, and the 737 was like a box back then too. It has to be 2012, and Im 19 years old now so around 13-14. That was the good old times.


I was there then too! Glad you shared your response