How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


Man, before that the only way you could learn to fly was with doing the real thing lol


Salute, you must be enjoying life right now :-)


I would of been like 11

So 2012


Maybe10. It was a few years ago in Samsung app store


Whats that, CGX? xD that’s really old though.

Anyway, to answer the thread, I was 23 when I played IF.

At 16 I played FS2004 cause FSX cant be supported on my computer =p


Somewhere in 2012 then I downloaded an illegal version on my tablet


13, I didn’t start getting serious until I was 15 though (last year)


I think @Maxmustang will have you all beat. 😉


I started a year ago and now i m 36


Yeah I started probably back in 2012, I believe, so then I was 8…I wasn’t serious back then, but I am now. It’s amazing to see the game and community change along with newer and better innovations.


I started March 2013, age 11


Nice work…

now my very first Flight Sim was on a “BBC Basic Computer” where programs were saved on a tape (well before CD-Roms or even disk drives!) and took 6 minutes or more to load! If the game crashed you then had to start again!

Back in the late 80’s when I was 10 or so I had this very basic 747 Flight Sim

before in later years upgarding to MSFS 98. I found Infinte Flight around 2014 when I was 38!


Oh no, David. Now that is so antique!! Are you sure you are 40??


41 last month ;-)

Technolgy has changed so much in the last few years!


Ya! Enjoy life, my friend.


I discovered IF on my brithday 5 months 31 days ago and my age was 11


Tell me that isn’t an actual game! Looks so old


back in those days the best game was one called “Repton” …however you didnt spend so much time 'playing on computers’in those days.


24, this year, 4 months ago. I’m already grade 4, really love it. Used to play FS2004 long time ago.


The one I remember as a kid that my older brother played a lot was Chuck Yeager’s Advanced Flight Trainer on the old Apple II.

But to answer the question - I’m 35 now…32 was when I first discovered IF…