How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


I remember the crashes. It mostly happened when flying the Learjet. Pretty sure the games had viruses on the discs from the game developers. computer security wasn’t the best in the 90’s.


I was about 11.5 when I discovered it.


10 years old!!!


I discovered it in sometime in early 2015.


I discovered IF at 2013 (7 yrs) but started playing in 2017 (11 yrs)


Thirty-eight in 2013


I was 12 years old haha and I saw every update since then. I waited for Global for about 1-2 years when they gave us little hints back in the day.


I don’t know what year, but it was before they added new engine sounds. That’s when I started playing. I’ve only flown on Pro since December 2016.


I had a 3GS when it was introduced. I remember freaking out and downloading it even though it only worked on the 4 and up. Lol. Still downloaded, but I was looking at 1/4 of the splashscreen when I started it. I think that was my freshman year of undergrad, I was 19 or so I think. Now I’m 25, and wanting to change careers into aviation halfway through grad school after getting a taste of paying bills as an employed church musician finally living on his own. A lot can change in six years, from IF, to one’s entire career aspirations! The right seat of an Ameriflight Embraer 120 at 500 TT is my first checkpoint, and only 2-3 years after I’m done with grad school!

Looks like I’m the only 20-something here thus far lol.

@GBIRD, are you a CFI now?


Whenever I started playing Infinite Flight (probably 2015), Runway 24R @ LAX to the beach at the end of the runway was one short flight. Probably set the Guiness World Record for shortest flight with the most amount of G-forces…


9, turning 14 this December.


Lol, engine out procs? “Mixture CUTOFF, throttle IDLE, fuel flow OFF, Master OFF, doors OPEN, BRACE!”


I think my fingers were not capable of that yet…I think my mind was “whoops…surfs up surfers…”


I discovered Infinite Flight in 2012 which means I was 10 years old.

However before that, I played some crappy flight sim that was on the play store that had crappy physics and stuff


I belive you scroll up alot, some even posted pictures of their old games!


Started at 2013, was 11. Now I’m 15


You do math guddd! 😂


I remember when I first joined I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly with IF…


I joined in 2013 when I was 14. A lot has changed since then. Live is probably the best addition since then.


Started when I was 13 (2013)

@Tom_Grollman started when he was 70