How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


I started playing it when I was 11 or 10. I don’t really remember who or how I got into Infinite Flight. I think it’s a good story but I seriously don’t remember it.


I was 7 and one day I looked on the App Store for flight simulator. There it was, INFINITE FLIGHT. I asked my dad to buy me it and give me it ask a “Thanksgiving Gift.” THANK YOU Without IF my life would be so different. I would only like planes and that would be it. I wasn’t going to know the controls or parts of a plane if my dad would have not bought it for me. Definitely worth it!!


I was 12 when I started Infinite flight.


I started playing May of 2013 so at the time I was 9 in 3rd Grade


I don’t know the exact date when I bought infinite flight, but it was before the IFC and Live (back when the engines sounded like washing machines). I bought live 1.5 yrs ago, and joined the IFC in April of 2017


First of all, thank you for being closer to my age and not making me feel so old. Second, I totally used to play this when I was younger!! This just made my day!


I want to say I was 9, before I found out about IF I played a lot of FSX, found out about PMDG and bought the 737, I tried learning it but didn’t understand, now I understand IF is just a tuned down version of it and its helped me learn SIDs, STARs, and flight plans. I’ve been thinking about going back to “the real deal”.


X-Plane 11. No alternatives.

lol sorry I’m a huge x-plane fanboi


Just saw there is a demo, I’ll be sure to give it a try. :)


I discovered it when I was 9, about halfway through 2013. I remember so clearly looking to download games for my flight before moving to Europe. I found Infinite Flight and have played it ever since. I still play it, 5 years later, since then I have graduated Primary (Elemetary) School, moved back to Australia and have become a teenager. Time flies when you’re having fun.


How if im correct that game came out in 2013 i think you did your math wrong


I discovered IF at the end of 2014 when I was 10 years old.


I started in rarified air at 65. 😱


IF has been out since 2011. It wasn’t much of a simulator back then though. You had a Cessna, one Boeing 747, a Spitfire and a couple others as well.


I started Infinite Flight back in 2016 when I was 10.


I was 13 when I discovered the game. The Southwest 738 was free back then. I switched back and forth between X Plane and IF but IF won it after Global came out 😉


I began playing IF when I was 5 or 6 years old.(2012 or 2013)


@Delta350, I hade the same experience with you. I remember taking off without flaps, and tail striking every time I would take off.


God you all make me seem so old. I found out about it this year which I guess makes me 27


i started when I was 12