How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


careful now I was 61. a d yes am serious😊


I began playing in 2014 sometime around Summer, the Month of June i think to be more precise. Anyways i was 13 years old back then. And now i’m 17, wooow, time flies by very fast, i’ll be considered to be an adult in the majority of the countries in world next year, can’t believe it myself xD
I can still remember the first time i played IF, good memories :)


I was around 11 when I started with IF. Been such a long way now, and IF is still getting more and more exciting.


I started in 2013 when I was 8 years of age


Around 10 to 11 at 2015


11-12 at 2015. Glad I’ve discovered it…


I was around the age of 12-13 (Now 15) at the time, initially I wanted a good Flight simulator and suitable for mobile phones, and in the end I think this game is suitable and then I bought it


You dont have the same name as me ( John Ryan) do you? lol


I found it in 2013 i tried it out for about a month, didnt appeal to me at first then i heard about global and new graphics and i then decided to rejoin.


I was about 10 when I got it
My old iPad still has the version before Global


Haha, no i don’t unfortunately.
I also noticed that i have the same initials as John Ross, the main villain/character from the Television Series called Dallas that aired back in the 80’s. My dad just randomly mentioned about the series and i searched it up. And would you know he also has J.R…😅


6/2013 which would have made me 25 when I first started. Sim came a long way since then!


I’m pretty new to IF, I first discovered it when I watched a Swiss 001 video (go check him out!) when I was 12.


I started about six months ago - when I was 55!


11 years old 2015 !!


I was 11 years old when I found Infinite Flight on iOS. I loved the pictures on there, I told my Mom to get me an iTunes Card to buy it. So, it was 2015 or 2016 (Mid-summer)



I started in late 2013
I was 12 yrs old


I was 9 Years old when i started IF


3 years ago. Age 44.


Few years back when i was 15 im 21 now