How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


I was 11. Now 2 years later, and I’m addicted, I always get home from school and the first thing I do, is get on infinite flight and do a flight.


Yeah, im also so. If im not wrong, i discover this game when i was about 12/13 i think…
Even when i conduct a School Examination, my mind always thinking about IF and IF (which is sometime disturbing me😂😂), then every i unlock my device, which I always want to launching an app is IF.


I started to find Infinite Flight, when I was 14 years old, I initially searched for a suitable and good flight simulator, so when, I searched one by one, there was a cool aircraft simulator. Namely, Infinite Flight, available on Android and iOS, and I am amazed at Infinite Flight, but I do not know with, control on, Infinite Flight. When I saw how to play Infinite Flight, I began to observe, and learned about it and I learned to play Infinite Flight, from a good takeoff and also a proper landing.


I was nine when I discovered it. It was a while ago…


I discovered IF in November 2013, when I was 10. I’m approaching 15 in July. After all these years, IF has still never left my side,


I started playing 2015-2016.


Hey I started at like 10 or 9


Hoping to have PPL: 32
Started playing IF: 30
Active plane spotter: 28
Gained an increased interest in aviation: 25


I was 12 years old because it was only last year.


Wow you were an intelligent 2 year old 😂😂😂


I was 60… Yes 60 when I started


that was just over 2 years ago. Can anyone beat that


I found out about IF 2015 when I was 10 and bought it last year in August.


Started a year ago or so. Was 67.


Only heard of IF in October 2017 so I’m playing since then. I was 39 then. I know I’m old. Lol


I was 23, back in April 2004 when I discovered Infinite Flight.

After a few months of work, it looked like this on 23 February 2005:

Only a few things of the flight model remain of that time, the rest has been completely replaced when Philippe and I officially started :)


It was June 19, 2013 when I was 14 years old. I’m now 19, and this was the first app I got after using X-Plane 11: Airliner


My friend who lived 3 houses down from me had the same game…this was back in 1983 or 84 if I remember correctly.


that sounds about right…really dating my age now!!


What… 2004? I was only a month from being 2 years old from that point! 🤯😱