How old were you when you first discovered Infinite Flight?


Many people start off at a higher age when they decide on their aviation career. Infinite Flight is a start to people really finding out their career. For me, I’ve been playing Infinite Flight 3 months before infinite flight live came out. I first decided before I went to a aviation high school. Infinite flight is a well growing community and it would be nice to know when everyone started playing. Infinite flight is a well growing community so when did you first find out about Infinite flight!

Found Out About Infinite Flight: August, 2011

My Age: 10

When did you start playing Infinite Flight?

I started a year ago and now I’m fifteen.


Started playing when I was 12

Edit: Nevermind I was like 10, nearly 11


I began my Infinite Flight career in late 2014 (I was 11), and I am now 14 years of age.


I struggle to answer this question because of the character limit. I just wanted to type 20 and move on. So i thought I just use a very long filler to get my answer out into the community :)


If I remember correctly, I started playing in 2012, when I was 14.


I started playing on iOS in 2012 when I was 15…I’m 21 now, gee time flies.


Started playing when I was 8, in 2012.


I started playing on iOS in 2014ish when I was 18, but the game was buggy for me at the time. A year later I came back on Samsung and have loved it since.


I found it when the space shuttle is still there and A321 still have only one livery: US Airways, that would be like 2014, and I would be 10 that year. Gee, things change! I was a little Chinese kid who thinks planes are awesome but know nothing more then that, now I am a teenager at an American boarding school with an 3.9 GPA yet knows a lot, I mean a lot about planes.


I started at the young age of 10


I started a year ago when I was 12.


Well. It was in 2012/13 so I was 8 or 9


I remember starting using the app in 2012, so I was 14.


I was 18 in 2016, gave up as I couldn’t fly the thing. Then started in 2017 again.


I started playing in 2016, when I was 31


31?!? There is no way Lol.


Wow! That is cool that you had discovered the app at 31!!


I was about 8 when I found it on my Kindle.


I was around 12 when I first saw the app, in 2014… Im now 15