How bad was your worst flight in IF?


I started and almost compleated my 15h Flight. I was in a final and MY IF CRAHED!


Let’s just say that diverting to a small airport that has barely enough runway due to poor time management in a MD-11 is a terrible idea.


I think my worst flight on IF was when I was preparing for an overnight and I thought I was good and then my friend who was with me texted me that I crashed. I had autopilot on and had literally no idea what happened


I did YSSY-PHNL last night. I didn’t know it was going to be as short as it was so I put myself in the biggest holding pattern I’ve ever done (really wish I took a picture). I overslept like I had expected too, checked live flight and it was like someone took purple ink and scribbled it all over Hawaii. I then proceeded to descend in a professionalish manner. While I was approaching the runway I had to let my dog out. When I returned, the ILS showed I was WAY above the glideslope. I deactivated autopilot and made a very unprofessional nose dive. I landed at an air speed of 210kn and almost swerved completely off the runway. Not a fun experience 🤣


Landed with -1000 I was thinking Good landing! (With all the wheels in the ground) this was 5 years ago🙃


EDDF - NZAA: the IF app just crashed after 14 hours :-(


It just happened. I am now a grade 1 because I fell asleep and ran out of fuel and crashed somewhere outside Chicago. I should have paid better attention. No worries though. I will be back to grade 5 in no time.


I was flying on the IFSIM while setting in the middle of the classroom of the aviation maintenance program and the instructor just walked in, in a hurry and said land that aircraft immediately and takeout your Airframe book. Nadir Hussain. So I put the spoilers on trim to -3 and flaps to 35 degrees and it was a crosswind Landing for the second time. But I stalled and descended to rapidly and crashed on the runway while most of the classroom was amazed about how realistic infinite flight is and a couple colleagues decided to download it. If they are not stuck on clash royal.


We’ve gone over this…you probably were too heavy or climbed too fast


I was responding the the topic. But ok then