Help me please


I bought this program for my kindle but I want to switch it to my iPad air 2 what do I do please help


Well, what do you want done? Are you trying to transfer your aircraft and regions to a different operating system?


Sadly, you cannot transfer purchases from the Amazon App store, to the Apple App store! :)


He wants to switch his purchases from device to device


Oh, well that’s impossible unless you have live plus.


Hey Patrick,
Unfortunately this is currently not possible as it’s not the same AppStore on the devices, if you have a live account your subscription should transfer accross however to access the app you must purchase it again as far as I am aware.


Im sure that wouldn’t make a difference.


If a live plus subscription is active it can be transferd as it uses a Facebook or Google login which in either way is independent of the app stores.


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Also check this

Check title and description of this issue.


Purchases cannot be transferred across to different platforms at all.
Unless you have Live + in which case the IAP can.
The only option is to re purchase it on the app store.


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