Hawaiian Airlines to offer Non-Stop service to Hawaii from Boston


Hawaiian Airlines will be offering Non-Stop flights to HNL from BOS beginning next year in April utilizing the Airbus A330 aircraft.
At 5,095nm, it’s the longest domestic flight for Hawaiian airlines to Hawaii.
Fares will begin at $617 economy, and $1,776 for first class.

I am thrilled to hear that we can finally escape to Hawaii from Boston. It’s closer to home and I don’t have to connect through another airport.

What are your thoughts?


This is amazing for the New England region! Finally they don’t have to connect to JFK to get to Hawaii. This should also be very good for Hawaiian Airlines as it is cheaper to fly to Boston from Europe than New York (I think). I can also assume it will be on the A330 so that is also cool. Congrats!


@Nathan what do you think about this New Air Service? :)


This would be amazing, as KBOS is my closest major airport, it would make going to Hawaii a lot easier for all of New England

For those who don’t know, New England consists of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island


Interesting! More love for the East Coast I see!


Majority of New Englanders actually connect via LAX to get to Hawaii. :)

I love it! Another new tail at Boston for 2019. It’s gonna be a busy year at Logan next year!


Also notice how their utilizing Terminal E (international operations) instead of C. The flight will be arriving early around 6AM and will depart around 9. Terminal C will be bursting at the seams during this morning rush hour.


That’s interesting. Boston is going to explode. Almost no terminal space and the airport is now nearing capacity.

They should move some flights to Manchester ;)


There’s stilll some slot spaces at terminals during off peak times and late night hours. During rush hour though, you’re screwed lol.