Happy Birthday to our IFC Moderator MishaCamp!


As you all know, it’s April 16, 2018 which means it’s the IFC Moderator (MishaCamp’s) Birthday.
Happy Birthday to @MishaCamp!


Happy birthday Misha!

Now i’m gonna spam your inbox :)



happy birthday Misha


Happy Birthday! Have a day off IFC! How about that?


There’s no day off when your PM box is being spammed… 😉


No one did it yet so I will. clears throat

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Happy Birthday! 😂👍🏻


Happy Birthday Misha! And yes I will go into his pms . Lol


Happy bday @HurricaneAndrew


Hello @MishaCamp

@Ian_Piper 2018
In all seriousness…

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Chat disabled for 3 seconds


@MishaCamp Happy birthday!


I’m not sure why did I find this video in YT 😂

Huappey Birthday to our dearest Unicorn, Misha! Wish you the best wishes and all the best! 😊 ✈


Best wishes @MishaCamp … bless you on your birthday 😉


Happy birthday Misha. Seems like mod birthdays are clumped together.


Go donate and get a chance to be featured in his dreams


Happy Birthday from your friends!


Happy Birthday, Mr. @MishaCamp! Good luck with your new acting career.


Ok, I don’t know if that is actually Misha… but that looks like Misha alright


Probably is. The system likes it so much it’s gonna copy that image. 😂


Happy birthday misha! Lol autocorrect thought I meant mishap


Happy birthday @MishaCamp! Enjoy your day!