Half Moon memory @ KHAF - 131800ZJUL18(1 hour away)



Airport: *KHAF

Time: *1800Z
KHAF was the airport used by a lot of beginners when IF live came out. I remember I had a fun time at the airport. I would remember planes crashing each other everywhere. I miss the good times. Now, I made an event wher it will bring back the good times. No need to reserve gates. Just do whatever you want. You can crash into each other, takeoff on a closed runway,etc. Do what you did back in 2014.
NOTAMS: *No inappropriate callsigns, no entering class Bravo airspace(you have a 50%standing), pretend that it was still 2014, no ATC, spawn 5 minutes before event, and last but not least, have fun.

PS, please show your best pictures on this thread too.

Infinite Flight Community’s Events Wiki

Heak ya I’ll be there, loved those days…


Can’t wait!
The nostalgia is real!


Nostalgia attacking COMING FOR SURE


Also no entering Class B airspace. Pretend you have 50% standing


Oh 💩, you changed your picture, that threw me! 😂


Thank you for the reminder. I have also put that in NOTAMS.


There are soooooo many events on the 18th