Guidelines and Flagging: A Reminder


You can always discuss it with us whenever


@Brandon_Sandstrom just because you aren't keen on a post doesn't mean others aren't either. Like it or not a good proportion of the people here are kids; of course they will have different interests to someone 'more experienced' like you. You aren't the only person on this forum.

Seriously, you've made your point, it's getting boring now.


That's hard for "some" people to comprehend..


Every post I mention either A. Has nothing to do with IF or real world aviation, or B has another topic it could be listed in. Just because I, and many others don't like the state of the forum doesn't mean I just have to let it slide. If you're offended by what I have said I'm sorry, but that's not really my problem.


Maybe you should try to see the perspective of the author?They have clearly put in effort to create this post and the last they need is a shouty man with a Regular title, sending multiple messages saying how bad and useless their posts are. As you ,yourself said, if you're offended by a post, it's not really their problem. Is it?


I actually like the photoshop thread.


Me too... It adds some interesting flair to the if pics.


Like the future of IF:


very nice and positive calling my post useless crap very constructive if no one likes the topic no one will post on and it will not be viewed anymore. My post meets the guidelines.


Ok, only one reply is sufficient. You can edit your response. No need to reply 3 separate times. You're just clogging up the thread. 😊



@Matthew_Harrison @Brandon_Sandstrom So much for polite discussion via PM? Do I have to teach you guys the alphabet so you can actually read my post?