Guess the Airport


Correct well done in getting it.


Couldn’t be because he said east of the Mississippi


Second hint: has/had highest average airfares in the US.


Is it Melbourne, Florida? (KMLB)


Nope good guess tho. Its roughly 600nm from there :)


Yep! Your correct!!
It was an easy one!


Huntsville, Alabama Airport (KHSV)


Correct sir! Good job!


Yay! Thanks! I don’t get these right too often.


HINT: This airport used to be a large hub for U.S. Airways.


48 PM
(Not my photo)

Hint: Somewhere in East Asia


is it Tokyo Narita Intl?


Good job! You get a virtual cookie :)


Looks like Pittsburgh to me



Brand new international terminal at this airport

Hint: this airport is home to the longest runway in its respective country (14,000ft)


Is the airport in Canada?


Is it KSLC??? (I dont know if its runway is 14000ft though)


No that’s not it. @UnsaltedPeanuts is correct that the airport is in Canada.


I’m gong to take a wild guess, either Edmonton International or Calgary International Airport?


It is Calgary, my turn to give you a virtual cookie.

Fun fact: the reason the runway is so long is due to Calgary’s unique hot summer climate at high elevation, meaning aircraft must travel faster in order to take off.