Guess the Airport


Close, but no. Right state though!


In my many minutes of Google Maps detective work, looking at small airports around CO… I have a perfect match

Holyoke Airport, CO


You got it, my dude. I have been defeated. -_-



Might be an odd guess but is that Palm Springs? I only remember it from the TS days haha!


ALso to everyone please don’t look at the file name


This airport has been cropped so none of you can use those JPG image search engines, so no cheating on this one. What is this airport?


That’s KMTJ Montrose Rgnl


Montrwal, Val D’or, or Iqaluit






Correctamundo! I know you and I both live in Colorado, so I shouldn’t have done a CO Airport. Hmm. I have an idea.


So should I post one?


Yeah, sure, go ahead


Sacramento Mather? That’s the picture name, might just be a trick though.


Nope. You are close.


Hint: not US!

Photo sourced from a local newspaper online so will credit once the answer is revealed…


What Airport is this?
Hint: it’s in the US and it has a VOR


Thats Leeds Bradford is it not. Also what simulator is that from because its not a real picture but looks like a simulator.


It is LBA. I’m not sure what sim it’s from. I got it off the Urban Echo which is a local paper online.