Guess the Airport


Guess the airport:

Hint: In the US and happens to be one of the only edited airports in it’s state in Infinite Flight. It is not near a coastline.


This one doesn’t have much of the airport in it but someone might still get it.

Clue: Two air transet pilots got arested here.


Is that Glasgow? Just was reading the story on the internet


Yes well done @HockeyMan06.


Ok I’ll post now.

Credits to Rocky Wang
Hint: It is in Eastern Canada


Well, let’s see… there’s a body of water in the back, an Air Canada Embraer, and a cliff on the left side. Looks like some erosion has happened, salt water causes quite a bit of erosion to rock formations, so St. John’s?


You are correct. Here is a cookie for you!🍪


Yeah, they sold them to SF cargo


This airport is in NY and is not far away from a major airport.


That’s pretty easy. The airport in IF looks just like it does in real life. KFRG.


What about this one?🤔


Really good clue: somewhere with snow.


That must be Courchevel.


Deffiently not Bristol


You are correct! Enjoy your prolonged achievement!


It’s Plattsburgh Airport!


Correct!!! Nice job!!!


Nobody has guessed mine yet


Idk Marshall, could it possibly be Eastern Iowa Airport? (KCID) Joking, I know it is KCID


Okay. Could we have a hint? Like what country it’s in?


The US of A…