Guess the Airport


Correct, lol. You get a cookie. 🍪 It’s an older pic.


Yes you were! Sorry for the late reply


Yay! I’m gonna try to get a hard one…


It’s ok. I’ll post 2 at a time then…


I’ve probably no one outside of New Zealand has ever heard of


Opening google maps and looking for little islands near New Zealand.


We’ve got 2 main islands north and south



I’ll have to say, these are hard. Try though.


Is it on one of the main islands?


Yes, cause any of the other habited islands don’t have airports, it’s a really lovely Approach, flying there tomorrow. I’d give you my flight number but that would be a dead giveaway


Ok. So coast of one of the islands. Mountains in the back…


  1. Most of the mountains are on the south island…


It’s in the south island


Nelson airport! I searched the coast, and it was a location that popped up, lol.

EDIT: What type of planes fly in there?


Well done, it’s a lovely Approach, I’m gonna find one more and because you have Google maps open any hints wouldn’t really be a obstacle also my flight number is 5073


ATR-72’s it’s built on extended land any more weight would cause damage


Final one for this afternoon
images (3)

Hint, North Island


New Plymouth airport?

No wait, it’s Hawke’s Bay Airport…
@Connor_Seymour ^^^


I’ve forgotten where New Plymouth is hold on



Damn it I have got to get me some harder airports


Oo wait I have the perfect one