Guess the Airport


Hint: Central America


My turn!

hint: note the airlines, and is that a Jade Cargo 747 I see in the background?


Liberia airport in Costa Rica?


Wild guess. Is that Hong Kong Int’l?


Yes!! Wow for some reason I cant find a difficult one.



It’s in Europe somewhere…


No kona doesn’t have jet ways


Is it London city airport


Incorrect. Try again.


Read the post please.

It’s in Europe somewhere.


This has got to be Nice Cote d’Azur


Correct. Good job. Your turn to post one now


I want to quickly remind everyone to
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Alright, let’s see if anybody can recognize this one

Had to crop out the author’s name, will add after the correct answer is given

Hint: East coast of the United States


ZSPD-Shanghai Pudong

Anyway, do Jade Cargo finally sell their aircrafts?


Anyone know this one? It’s on the gulf coast of the US.


That is Salisbury airport


Sorry, I didn’t see your message. But you are right!
TWA had a hub there until their merger with American.


…Is that LGA in NYC?


Man that was quick. Didn’t know SBY was so popular.