Guess the airport!


I know it is a little blurt if you zoom in, but if you know your airplane liveries, that will definitely help

Edit: didn’t see your message, yes Europe

There are other planes there that might help!


Is it in Greece, perhaps?


No but you have the right idea


Darn it, Cyprus then??


No. Keep guessing! That was a better guess


Aww man, maybe Malta?


Yes it is Malta. There are two Air Malta planes sitting on the tarmac!


It has got to be Malta International!


Ok. Now your turn to post one



It is either in Missouri, Kansas, or South Dakota.


That could literally be any airport in the US since american eagle flies to hundreds of small regional airports with their CRJ’s. Please post your airport photos so that they can actually be guessed by people like me who don’t use reverse search for every airport.


I gave you a hint about the state, fair game.


Given the weather on that one, I would guess Missouri out of those three.
The plane is a ERJ145 and the ground vehicles are very small as well so the city served can’t be very big. Branson does not have commercial service by AAL, St. Louis and Springfield are probably too large for a ERJ, the state capital Jefferson City does not have a commercial airport.

I’ll guess Columbia, Missouri, KCOU then.


You got it, congrats, your turn now.


The plane is a ERJ-145


Why are people reverse searching it? It ruins the entire game :(


Allright, guess the airport by this touchdown zone marking which is probably on the north american continent then:

See what I mean? @TheDeltaFlyerr

Nobody has ever guessed these ones I posted:

So technically it shouldn’t have been any of yours turn yet.


I do not see what you mean, I narrowed it down to three possible states.