Guess the airport!


@BavariaAVIATION You are Correct here is your cookie 🍪


Yo @Qantas737guy! Make sure you put the correct location for your hint. You first had typed “WA” which would mean Washington state, and then you changed it to Western Australia. Please make sure you proofread as I wasted an hour of my life (yes, a whole hour, I had nothing to do the other day) looking for that airport on a map in Washington State, which is nowhere near Australia.



WA is also the state abbreviation for Western Australia


You have to clarify. This is the internet and people are using it all over the world. Also I have seen WA used for Washington State a lot. Never before for Western Australia.


Well WA is used for Western Australia…


If I ever use WA on here I put in brackets (Western Aus) otherwise none of them will know becuase the majority of members here are from the US. 😏😂😜


Lol i should do that


Never mind it’s a simple mis understanding yes W.A is the state of Washington and Western Australia 🙂


Yeah I always do it other wise they say



Just a random heads up, the Cobham E190 is coming in about 22 minutes.


Quito I believe. I don’t know the Airport name. Is it Quito International Airport?


Oh is it cool! I won’t see it though, they haven’t landed on 06 today 🙁


Oh yeah it is! Soooo nice I love that lively!


I kinda got the question because I default to Western Australia :)


Let’s get back on topic please… @Bev7787 @TheFlyingPankake @Qantas737guy


Try your best. Pretty new refurbishment.


Krakow? A good friend of mine lived there


Spot on. Good on you! ;)


Should be very easy.


Atlanta? Complete guess just see delta