Guess the airport!


Only picture I could find.
Approach is ment to be good.


YRTI, Rottnest Island Airport


That is correct! I love rottnest, such a great place.
I forgot to mention Quokkas One of my favourite animals.

Exclusive to Rottnest.


Probably the one place I haven’t visited in Perth, might try and go there when I’m next out there!


This one might be tricky- hint it is not a major airport


Yeah I have no idea😂


Any one know this one?


That is Laconia Airport (KLCI) in New Hampshire. I was considering in doing that airport previously, but I had other bigger projects in mind.


This airport is one of the Fedex hubs.


Memphis international airport.


It’s a smaller hub. Not the main one


Thats McGhee Tyson Airport. That pic was taken from the Holiday Inn main entrance

Edit: I’m wrong. Took another look zoomed in.


Anyone got another guess for my airport


Whoever figures this one out you get a virtual 🍪


Was my guess close Will?


To far west. Try going east. Right idea though.


Dang, PTI in Greensboro


Exactly, used to be my home airport when I was younger. The picture was a little outdated. See the old delta livery


Ya that’s Laconia :)


I guessed PTI and Will confirmed so here’s my submission for guessing correctly.