Guess the airport!


CYVR - Vancouver, Canada


Yes, Vancouver is correct. Now you post one :)
Oh and guys, especially when responding to a guess, please add to your response!
Poor response: "Correct (20 characters)“
Good response: You are correct, it is CYVR!”
(this goes for all of you)


I already posted these long ago. Nobody guessed them by now.


What continent are those in?


Without clicking on pic?


You got both right. Idk how, but yes. Somehow.


The scenery in the picture is typical for the central american mountain ranges.
And there aren’t many airports of that size in that area located directly within a large town and the vicinity of mountains.
I excepted Tegucigalpa as it is way smaller and I remember the surroundings to be different.

So I just guessed Guatemala City albeit it could have as well been San José (Costa Rica).


Looking at google maps and airports for years every day.
I have some sort of photographic memory for that stuff, so yeah, there aren’t too many major airports out there that I don’t know yet. Admittedly, eastern Asia is an exception, though. It’s hard as there are countless large airports with names that are insanely tricky to remember over there.
Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzen, Qingdao, Chongqing, Changsa… it’s not possible for me yet to link such cities with the respective airport yet.

But yeah, I’m getting there.




LEZL - Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain


Canberra, Australia maybe?


La Aurora International airport in Guatemala.


@BavariaAVIATION yes it is LEZL Sevillia


You win gg
Its a nice Airport too!


This one should be pretty easy.


@RTG113 Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport?


Nope, but good guess!


Chicago Midway Airport?


Again no, but a good guess! The curbside is different.


Houston Hobby? idrk.

Edit: now i don’t think so. My second guess is Dallas Love but doubt that one.