Guess the airport!


Nope, but good try (20 characters)


Did I get the first right?


Nope, good guess (20 characters)


just a wild guess here, would it be Papeete Tahiti ?
I remember flying over some French airports when I went to Italy a couple of weeks ago - for the first picture


1st doesn’t look very polynesian so, Corsica, probably. I don’t know any Corsican airports but the first one i found was Figari, so that?


Is the 2nd one Mostar Airport?


Nope, but nice guess


Yes, Its Figari Airport


Yep, you guessed it (20 characters)


right the second airport has to be mostar airport!
I think its spelt Mostar


Yep, its Mostar Airport


it was a pretty easy airport :)


this airport didn’t have many pictures for whatever reason, so a google maps pic should be acceptable, right? idk.



Sao Paulo, i recognize that instantly, weirdly enough. Also the TAM planes, lol


Yes but there is 2 sao paulo airports. Which one do you mean?


Congonhas, i think? I’m just tryin to remember from the Air Crash Investigation ep


You are correct. Now you get tomput another one


What’s the continent on the first pic


Can you please post an airport? Or respond to my other post?