Guess the airport!


Yep… family was stationed there with USAF for four years. Loved it there.


I believe that’s NBO. Went there last summer and vaguely remember the chairs - might be wrong though


Not NBO but same country


Mombasa? Again I’m probably wrong


Ding ding ding. You’re right


Hint: It’s in the US and is in IF
Credits to photo owner


Got 3 pics for yaaa, not gonna say how many airports are in these 3 pics so have a guess.
Picture Number 1 (Guessed By @a380fan )

Picture Number 2

Picture Number 3 (Guessed by @a380fan )


1 and 3 are Manchester
2 is Dunsfold


1 and 3 are Manchester. 2 is not Dunsfold


KFRG, Republic Airport?


Definitely looks like Republic airport. That’s how the runway layout is, I’ve been there a few times for an air show. To the far north you can even see the Long Island Sound.


Hint, this is a relatively new regional airport in Florida


Northwest Florida beaches?


Yep, you are correct


I guess this should be an easy one. 😉


Toncontin international airport? (Please remove 20 letters)


No, it’s not Toncontin.
Hint: It’s located in the Alps…


It is the Innsbruck Airport?


Yes, that’s correct. 👍🏽


What gate is that, B15? Parked there in February coming in from MSP.