Guess the airport!


Before you yell "duplicate", the other topic is really old and I have permission from a moderator to make this.

How to play is, you guess the airport. If you get it right, you post an airport for others to guess. If they get it right, they get to post, and so on! Have fun

This one should be easy to guess for any IF users that live in the USA. Although there is only 2 concourses pictured, it's a pretty decent sized airport.

Guess the Airport

New York LaGuardia Airport?


Nope, good guess though. Silver Airways is in 1 of the pictures and they don't serve LGA.


Fort Lauderdale airport?


You are correct! Now you can post an airport for others to guess :)


Either RSW or MCO I think...


Darn! If only I was here 2 minutes sooner I would've gotten it! The Silver Airways Saab kinda gave it away 👍


It also goes to RSW and other airports


Guess this one!

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Lakeland Florida? Or Oshkosh?


No, nice try but try again :)


Idk because this has no visible airliners and I don't know the town.


Flying Cloud Airport?


KGMU? Cus of 28R being used as parking?


DING DING DING!!! Correct! Now you post one.


This one is easy ;)


Where are these planes at?


KLAX - Los Angeles, quite easy.... :p


Panama City, Panama aka Copa's hub


Is the second one at Phoenix?