Guess the airline and aircraft!


Either @Lucas_Piedra or @HawaiiPilot10 are correct, because I’m pretty sure those are the only two carriers that fly the 787 from MXP.


Just searching “Milan malpensa 787” brings up results with many airlines.


You sir are correct it was Neos


Oh. My. Gosh. After…16 guesses!!


Since @Qantas737guy’s photo was guessed an answered, I’ll post one of my own.


That looks like some type of 777.


BRitish Airways 777?


Delta Boeing 777-232LR?


Anyone can guess the seahorse tail in between the SIA 359 (and a Silkair 7M8!) and the Lufthansa 359?

EDIT: sorry for bad photo, friend sent it to me after he was curious and I can’t figure out what it is either!


Its not raked,so i guess its not a B77L or a B77W… so my guess its a united airlines B772


I’m not so sure. Its a 777 but maybe a European or Asian airline.


I think it’s a 777 and after some exhaustive searching, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a private (or corporate) plane.


The aircraft is a 767-300ER?


For everyone guessing mine it’s a 777-200er, but none of you have the right airline.

EDIT: Wow! @david_hartono_S is right. United 777-200er.


Its really united B772? Wow! I’m surprised at myself :)


The plane I think is a 767 for some reasob


So here’s one i have found. You know the drill, airline and aircraft. :)


A United Airlines 767-300ER??


@InfiniteFlightSlayer not United but right aircraft.
United would have blue and gold


What continent is this airline from?