Guess the airline and aircraft!


Mate, if you take a picture of the sky. It can be anywhere.


Condor Boeing 767-300


Delta don’t fly B787 :)


It’s a Condor Boeing 767-300ER


It has 4 wheels tho.
So I’m pretty sure it’s a B767 but not sure about the airline:)


Gotta be a condor 767-300er


I think ppl are comfused because no one knows if its grey or blue at the back;)


No they don’t… They literally cancelled the order.

The plane is in IF doesn’t mean it exists in real life


@Luke, please do not post while another one in in progress. This is the only time I will refrain from flagging this post, so please stop.


Oh didn’t know they canceled the order srry!


Thomas Cook 757? There are double bogies so it can’t be an A321.


Yes right :) but Condor


Right it is :) 👍🏻 …


Sorry! As IF has the DL’s 787, and as i dont care much about American carriers, i thought that they had it


Can you guys guess this one?


British Airways A380 or 747


Nope, wrong airline and wrong plane


Is it Delta A330 i dunno


Correct airline, wrong plane


Delta Airlines Boeing 767